Power Generation

Decarbonization means a fundamental transformation for power generation. Power plants need to optimize their operations for more volatile market conditions. Renewable production must scale maintenance for an increasing number of assets. Visplore helps power generation companies to stay competitive by enabling experienced engineers to make better use of process data for optimizing their procedures.

Pattern anomaly detection and fast correlation with contextual data empowers the engineers to make data-driven decisions that save millions of EUR.

Visplore allows for a much easier investigation of relevant patterns and structures. Our downstream analysis becomes more efficient and we gain more confidence in the results.

For our thermodynamical simulations, Visplore helps us to identify suitable data, eliminate outliers, and analyze physical processes very effectively.

Visplore enabled our maintenance department to predict bacterial attacks on a central cooling system. This has increased the average time between bacterial attacks from 19 to 49 days, allowing the plant to operate more economically and stably.