Python Integration

A key feature of Visplore is the integration with Python. It enables data scientists to work with Python and Visplore simultaneously, combining the strengths of both tools: Doing interactive visual data exploration and interactive data preparation in Visplore while using Python for unlimited analytics features and for creating operational data processing pipelines. The integration is based on a Python API that can be used in any Python environment, for example Jupyter Notebook or Spyder, but also plain Python.

Chapters of this video

00:00 Introduction
00:17 Connect and send data to Visplore
02:52 Clean data and send it back to Python
04:15 Label data and send labels to Python
05:58 Computing new attributes (feature engineering)
08:08 Further command exmaples
09:07 Summary and outlook on further use cases

Further information

Also, check out the demo Jupyter notebooks shipped with your Visplore installation (.ipynb files located in the VisplorePy subfolder).

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