Interactive visual data analysis for engineers

with and without data science skills

Visplore is a software that takes analysis of mass data to a new level.
Process engineers in manufacturing, for example, can finally gain deep insights from their daily data to optimize processes and increase product quality - rapidly and without data science education.
This makes Visplore the missing link for Industry 4.0 to turn data into value.

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Why Visplore?

Discover the full potential of your data

... to guide process optimization also without data science background.

Unique analytical cockpits provide domain experts and data scientists with deep insights in minutes.

Level up data-centric communication

... to an unprecedented quality and speed.

Instant feedback even for massive data reduces the time between question and answer to a mouse click. And makes you want to dig deeper.

Save valuable time

Reduce the 80% of data science work for data exploration and preparation.

For example, clean outliers interactively, and export plausible data to Excel, Python, R, Matlab etc. with a single click.

Include process and engineering data

... in your analysis, at full detail.

Linked views relate thousands of time series and their meta information instantly. For example, learn how a production process influences the product quality, and end up with more yield and less scrap production.

Labeling massive data

... has never been so easy.

Domain experts integrate their knowledge by making data labelling as easy as using a drawing program.

Integrate it easily

... in your data analytics workflow.

Exchange data with Python, R or Matlab in a single line of code.
Or feed data from CSV, SQL databases, or time series historians.

Use Cases

Data Screening

Understand new data and assess its quality within minutes.

Semantic Cleaning

Identify implausible data based on domain knowledge, and clean it on-the-fly.

Interactive Data Labeling

to incorporate domain knowledge, as simple as in a drawing program.

Correlation Analysis

Instant discovery of relationships and trends for large numbers of variables.

Sensitivity Analysis

Understand the interplay of multiple variables by intuitive what-if analyses.

Longitudinal Monitoring

Analyze hundreds of assets over long periods, and recalibrate prediction models.

Model Validation and Understanding

Effectively validate and improve predictions, and build new levels of trust.

Time Series Pattern Search
and Comparison

Search for patterns by giving examples, and compare matching segments in detail.

Efficient Communication

between consultants and domain experts, with real-time answers to live questions.

What our users say

Using the visual analyses, we could significantly reduce the effort for data plausibilization. The good usability and the comprehensive visualizations enabled us to gain a deeper understanding of routinely collected data and their relationships. For example, this increased the quality of forecast models.
- Austrian Power Grid

Visplore enabled us to gain significant new insights from massive data about the impact of production process parameters on product quality. Thanks to its ease of use and high performance even with millions of measurements, Visplore has established itself as our standard tool for quality management in plants from China to South America.
- RHI Magnesita

Selected References

About us

Dr. Harald Piringer, CEO

Harald Piringer studied computer science at the Vienna University of Technology, where he received his PhD sub auspiciis praesidentis in 2012. He has been researching and developing new methods in visual data analysis at the VRVis research center since 2003. Harald Piringer initiated the development of Visplore and has directed its strategic orientation since then. He became head of the Visual Analytics group at VRVis in 2010 which has grown to 11 heads by today. He is coordinating projects with industrial partners in the fields of automotive development, power generation and industrial production. Harald Piringer has published more than 30 papers in the field of Visual Analytics, including two "best Paper" papers.

Dr. Thomas Mühlbacher, CTO

Thomas has worked on Visplore since 2012. He focused on technical design, development, industry partner relationships, and the supervision of students and co-workers. Thomas has a PhD in Visual Analytics and a masters' degree in computer graphics from the Vienna University of Technology. He has won a best paper award at the largest visualization conference, and received the EuroVis Best PhD Award 2019 for his thesis. Thomas and Harald have collaborated for years at VRVis, and are very experienced as a team. Besides his work, Thomas enjoys traveling with his wife as well as making music, where he has played in heavy metal bands for ten years.

About Visplore

Visplore is based on We have seen the excitement of engineers and data scientists about Visplore for years, and finally want to spark the same excitement in all of them.

>>> Visplore GmbH was founded as a spin-off company from VRVis in June 2020, with VRVis as a shareholder.

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Donau-City-Straße 11, Ares Tower, 5th floor
c/o VRVis Zentrum für Virtual Reality und Visualisierung Forschungs-GmbH
A-1220 Vienna, Austria

Tel: +43 (0)660 1057 150

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