Software Requirements

Operating systems:

  • Windows 10, 64bit (all Visplore versions)
  • Windows Server 2016 or newer (only Visplore Professional and Visplore Discovery)

Visplore versions for Linux and Mac are planned for the future.

Admin rights:

  • are NOT necessary for installing Visplore Free.
  • are NOT necessary for installing Visplore Discovery purchased via webshop.
  • are necessary for per-machine installations of Visplore Professional, and all versions that use the Codemeter licensing system.

Please see the FAQ below for more info on requirements of the data connectors, and info on possible deployment scenarios.

Hardware Recommendations

  • RAM: 4 GB or more.
  • CPU: The faster the better, especially for larger datasets.
    However, there is no strict minimum, most Visplore users have standard laptops.
  • Hard Disk: required space of Visplore Free and Visplore Discovery: ~350 MB, Visplore Professional: ~ 400 MB.
  • Input: A mouse is *highly* recommended (though not strictly required).
  • Graphics card: is not required to run Visplore.

General recommendation: try Visplore Free, or ask for a trial of the paid versions as a benchmark for the performance you will have.