Visplore version 2022a

From now on, you can use new features such as workflow automation, interactive data reports, and simple annotations.

Visplore version 2022a is here! We are excited to introduce many new features enabling unique data communication and report automation workflows! Try it out right now and see it in action by watching the recording of our release event from September 15th below!

Creating and sharing data presentations

Starting with version 2022a, Visplore lets you easily and very quickly create interactive data presentations. Visplore not only provides you with lightning-fast insights from your data but from now on, it also allows you to organize them immediately as a presentation or report. Also, you can annotate your analyses with notes, export data projects as PDFs, or share them as interactive reports with colleagues and customers. Consume your presentations interactively – free of charge using Visplore Free as a reader.

For this purpose, any visualizations, including selections, filters, and data enhancements, can be added to a data presentation with only a few clicks. To tell your data story, you can give the pages of your presentation titles and descriptions and arrange them in any order.

How will you benefit from this? Consider the following scenario: Imagine you have to advise a client based on comprehensive data.

  • Step 1: Quickly learn about the customer’s use case, assess data quality and plausibility, and create a page for every aspect of the data you want to discuss with your customer.
  • Step 2: Go through your findings and questions based on your Visplore presentation together with your client. Like classic presentations, but interactively, you can zoom into plots, change filters, look at additional variables, and much more at any time – and right during your conversation with the client. For a better customer experience, shorter project runtimes, and more success in the project through better data understanding.
  • Step 3: Pass on essential results as annotated data presentations to your customer. They can consume your deliverable with Visplore Free without any costs and still have full interactivity as the data is embedded in compressed form – for optimal reproducibility of results and KPIs.

More details and training can be found in the online documentation:

Visplore Professional: Live reports and report automation

With Visplore Professional, data presentations deliver even more added value: When used as live reports, they are automatically updated with the latest data from your specified data source. For example, define critical evaluations once and make them available to colleagues who access them regularly. This way, everyone benefits from the possibilities and performance without needing to learn Visplore.
Likewise, use data presentations for workflow automation – simply load new data, briefly check the report, annotate it, and export it as a PDF – done.

More details and training can be found in the online documentation: 

Annotation of graphics

Thanks to the new data presentation features, Visplore expands from an analysis tool to a communication tool for data. To this end, version 2022a introduces new features to annotate graphs. Simply place notes anywhere on graphs to help others interpret your results.
Besides data presentations, version 2022a introduces many additional long-awaited capabilities.

Besides data presentations, version 2022a introduces many additional long-awaited capabilities.

Look and usability

  • The user can hide any view to simplify the cockpits.
  • Getting started is even easier with a reworked cockpit browser that lets you specify your default cockpit at start-up.
  • Bar Charts, Heatmaps, and Box-Plots let you specify the rotation of axis labels.
  • Import CSV files with column headers that span multiple lines.
  • Reworked preference dialog with extended options such as disabling text-squeezing.
  • Visplore Professional: Shared licenses can be borrowed for local use without an internet connection (valid for our cloud-based licensing system LicenseSpring).

Extended computation features

  • The Correlation Cockpit now fully supports Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient.
  • For regularly-rastered time series data, new aggregation options compute durations in seconds/hours/days.
  • Regression models now display p-Values and confidence intervals for each coefficient. It has also become way easier to add new features (also categorical) to regression models.
  • The formula editor for computing new data attributes and conditions now supports using Python packages via a GUI for installing PIP files.

Visplore Professional: Enhancements of the OSIsoft PI connector

  • Easy import of tag lists that have been exported from PI Vision.
  • Users may opt to import data in local time or UTC.
  • Tag names are shown with a complete asset path when imported from AF.