Loading Parquet files into Visplore

Files in the Apache Parquet format are becoming increasingly popular for compactly storing large amounts of data. 

Good news: there is a new way to import time series data directly from Parquet files into Visplore!

For this purpose, we have developed a Custom Data Connector – a Visplore plugin written in Python that can be easily added to the current Visplore version.

In addition to loading a Parquet file, the new Parquet connector also allows the user to select variables and optionally define a time rasterization (e.g. one value per minute). This makes even extensive time series data manageable. We are glad about the very positive feedback from our customers! 

-> If you are interested in the Parquet Connector, we are happy to provide it free of charge upon request!

Please send an email to support@visplore.com.