Visplore closes financing round with four renowned venture capital firms

Visplore successfully closed a multi-million Euros financing round at the end of March 2023. The venture capital firms seed + speed Ventures, Basinghall Partners, aws Gründerfonds, and Matterwave Ventures participated in the round.

“We are very happy about the extended network of the new investors and the possibility to further accelerate our growth.” says the CEO and founder of Visplore, Harald Piringer.

With the boost of the financing round, Visplore is boosting the product development for its fast-growing customer base from verticals such as pulp&paper, chemicals, pharmaceutics, mechanical engineering and power generation. The next step is to extend the solution towards fusing data silos in industrial companies more easily than ever before. Very soon, subject-matter experts such as process engineers can combine and analyze measurement and planning data from files, process historians, and databases within minutes without a single line of programming and without a costly data warehouse. Because the value of data grows exponentially when combined with other data.

Well-known investor Carsten Maschmeyer from seed + speed Ventures explains his motivation for the investment as follows: “With Visplore’s smart software solution, complex data sets can be analyzed quickly and without deep expertise. It’s amazing to see how, with just a few clicks and the right visualization, new insights are gained that would otherwise keep entire teams busy for weeks.”

And aws Gründerfonds adds “We see our investment in Visplore as a contribution to more energy efficiency in industrial processes. By relieving employees of tedious data preparation, it also leaves more time for gaining actual benefits from data, allowing companies to achieve more with their existing teams.”